TLC Testimonials

Hi Kent,
Thanks for the training plan (in 2011) which enabled the team & I to take an hour & a half off our 2010 100km Trailblazer Challenge performance.
With the new emphasis on building the distance gradually on roads and local trails for the first half followed by some serious trails in the second half, it helped me develop the required base for this event whilst avoiding a repeat of my Achilles injury. Throughout the training  I pulled up better than I expected given the distance we covered and was pleased to achieve such a significant improvement.


PB, Morphett Vale


DE, Goodwood (email catch up quotes):

The new program looks great. I like to see the way that you change things around, especially in the lead up to races. I'm really enjoying these sessions, and finding improvement in my results across the board.

Feeling bloody red hot at the minute, like I could do anything right now! Just really enjoying my training, and the results that I am getting. I got a PB on the weekend for the Joggers World race.

At the Hills to Henley I ended up running 2:08 for the 30km, so that's 4:15/km. Really stoked with the time. Do another 12km at that pace, and I get to run at Boston! Mate I am feeling so damn good at the moment!

My running has gone through the roof, and I would like to see that sort of improvement in my riding. I went from 52:30 in the city to bay, to 45:50 in one year for example, so I would hope with more of a concentrated effort, I can pick that up on the bike too.